For 15 years

We provide technical support at your event.

IMBAstaff team of experienced professionals, event managers and technicians will take care of creating a top-notch event.

We are a group of experienced professionals

IMBAstaff’s team of experienced professionals, event managers and technicians will take care of creating a top-notch event. After countless events, IMBAstaff offers a range of services which is a comprehensive Event Support.
We help you realize your project faster, more efficiently, better.

Several elements,

that make us

the right partner:

More than 15 years of experience

makes us a lot of contacts in the event organization industry

We can rent a car

provide a fleet or handle the overall logistics of your event

Team of production managers

who can join at any time in preparation for your event

We will provide

a qualified support team to assist you on the realization.

We will be happy to take it off your head
Crew / Stagehands
Technical and content support at events; crew, stage manager, drivers, booth attendants and more.
Management staff
Eventmanagers to coordinate work and implement projects.
Technical facilities
Technical equipment of the event: specialized vehicles, power tools, high-altitude equipment and others.
Storage space
Warehouse space for work and storage. Handling of event and gift warehouses, ordering, packing.
Graphics / Documentation
Photo/video documentation of the event, preparation of graphics for the client.
Comfortable and functional transportation, VIP vehicles, rental cars and vans, vans, forklifts. Efficient loading and unloading.
We work directly with agencies and individual clients
Call us
and tell us about your needs
We will prepare an optimal offer
tailored to your needs
After acccpeting the conditions
we will proceed to the realization of the project
Trade fair centers visited around the world
Years of experience
Persons whose competence may be of use to you come in handy
The concerts we co-produced
Cars in our fleet
Opinions about us
  • Imba provided the crew for my event. The crew was cultured and came on time. I will definitely be using their services again.
    Marek from the event agency
  • Cooperation with the crew from Imbastaff as always full professionalism. A team that does not like to wait until you ask them – they ask themselves how they can help. Highly recommended.
    Aneta from the training company
  • The car rental company unfortunately did not fulfil their contract and I was up against the wall. The chaperone from Imbastaff provided the fleet and handled the guests’ commute from the airport.
    Kamila working for a multinational corporation
  • I am currently using the storage space in Imbastaff. I’m sure my stuff won’t get damaged until the next festival season.
    Bartek from the event agency
  • The contracted photographer forgot about the event, but Imba had someone in mind. As a result, I have a photo report of the event.
    Adam working for a multinational corporation
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